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Highland Square Apartments

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At Highland Square Apartments, we don't just take the first application we receive. All our applicants go through an employment check, reference check, and a credit check. We are dedicated to providing apartments to outstanding members of the community — after all, when you are happy with your neighbors, you are happy with your home!

Application form - mail it in or drop it off

Please print and fill out our apartment application form. Be sure to fill out every field and don't forget the signature! If you have any questions about the information requested, please feel free to give us a call, and our helpful staff will provide assistance.

Our services include:


Efficiency apartment: $575 monthly


1-bedroom apartment: $700 monthly


2-bedroom apartment: $900 monthly


3-bedroom apartment: $1050 monthly

If you have any questions about the apartments or grounds, what better way is there to learn more about our community than a walkthrough? Call us today to set up your tour of the apartment complex, the apartment of your choice, and maybe even meet some of your potential neighbors!

Phone:  281-331-3646


Email:  jkonrad2005@yahoo.com


Address: 2401 S Johnson, Alvin, TX 77511

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